Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office and Jail, Indiana

Chief Jack Sadler is the Administrator of the Uniform Division. There are thirty-six legitimacy deputies as of now assigned to this division.

The essential job of the Uniform Division is one of ace dynamic watch for wrongdoing anticipation. Uniform deputies are first responders to all detailed crimes, going from calls that might be as simple as burglary and trespassing runs to significant events such as murder, suicide, assault and kid molestation. Because of the changed idea of their responsibilities, they must be capable in numerous areas of investigation. It is the strategy of the Division to give in-service preparing as time and staffing grant.

Notwithstanding responding to reports of crime, deputies also are required to investigate all car accidents where there is a detailed physical issue or where property harm totals more than $1,000. A two man “Mishap Reconstruction Group” from the Division is approached to investigate all casualty crashes.

Another specialized unit inside the Division is K-9. Four deputies are prepared in taking care of the Department’s four dogs. These animals are prepared in search, assault, and medication

acknowledgment methods. They are frequently called upon to search for suspects who have fled by walking from wrongdoing scenes as well as to perform searches of vehicles and homes where suspected controlled substances might be covered up. They are also used to find small kids or the weakened old who have meandered away from their residences.

The Crisis Response Group consists of the Group Administrator, Section Group Pioneer and Passage Colleagues, Surgeon, Sniper and Negotiators. This unit is called upon to perform high risk warrant service, blockaded suspect situations and hostage taking scenarios. The objective of this unit is always the quiet resolution to the situation. This group is furnished with specialized deadly and non-deadly weapons.

Detective Department

Lieutenant Scott Larsen and Skipper Terry Judy head the Investigations Division. Within this detective department there are only six detectives, administrative assistants, and evidence collectors in this department.

The Detective Department works a wide range of crimes; robbery, thievery, battery, murder, criminal mischief, tranquilize implementation, sexual crimes, harassing communications, misrepresentation, and adolescent matters. The Detective Department follows up on all reports taken by the criminal department. The detective department is also responsible for keeping up and registering the county’s sentenced sex offenders.

The detective department has a criminologist assigned to the Assembled Medication Task Power. The task power is comprised of detectives from the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office and the Brownsburg Police Department. The task power investigates sedate movement in Hendricks County.

Larry Deckard, Lieutenant is the ILEA confirmed proof expert/wrongdoing scene investigator. The wrongdoing scene investigator photographs the wrongdoing scene and gathers proof at the wrongdoing scene. The proof expert is also responsible for the day by day activity of the property room.

The detective department can be come to by phoning 317-745-9354, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department Limited Adult Criminal History Request

1. There will be a $5.00 fee for each request (precise change, no charge/Visas or personal checks acknowledged) as characterized in IC 5-14-3-8.

a. Exclusion of fees as characterized in IC 10-13-3-27 which closely applies to State Law Authorization agencies as it were.

2. The person must give a substantial Indiana Recognizable proof Card or Indiana Driver’s License that displays your address within Hendricks County.

a. The Person presenting a substantial Indiana Driver’s License and additionally Indiana ID card mirroring your out of county mailing address are acknowledged on a case by case basis gave certain criteria is met.

Constrained Grown-up Criminal History Record requests are finished starting at 8 am in the morning and going until 3:30 pm in the afternoon, Monday through Friday (barring holidays).

3. In the case of submitting via mail:

a. Incorporate the finished, signed and legally approved Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department Constrained Grown-up Criminal History Request Structure.

b. Incorporate a cash request in the measure of $5.00 please make out to the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office.

c. Incorporate a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

d. You will need to send your envelopes to Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department, Consideration Records Department, Post Office Box 87, Danville, Indiana 46122

e. Please permit 1 to 2 weeks for processing and return of the records.

No criminal history research or records will be given on an individual who is under 17 years old enough or more youthful as characterized in IC 31-9-2-22.5.

Hendricks County Jail

On the off chance that you discover a companion or adored one has been arrested, the first thing you need to discover is the place they are at. Those who are arrested in Hendricks County in Indiana are usually taken to Hendricks County Jail.

In any case, not knowing the details of the arrest can make it hard to know without a doubt. This guide will assist you with navigating the online database to ensure a companion or adored one is at Hendricks County Jail, give you data about the jail, and assist you with staying in contact with a detainee.

About the Hendricks County Jail

The law in Indiana mandates that every county have a sheriff. The Sheriff is a chosen official by the individuals. He is chosen for a 4-year term.

The sheriff is accountable for an operates the Hendricks County Jail. The jail houses all pre-preliminary persons over the age of 17 that are arrested in Hendricks County. The sheriff takes pride in keeping up the wellbeing, safety, and government assistance of each one of those in custody as per court established guidelines. He is also responsible for forestalling detainee escapes from custody.


Inmates in the Hendricks County Jail are permitted to purchase extra items such as nourishment, personal items, and games from a store situated inside the jail called commissary. With the end goal for them to buy these items, inmates must have cash on their personal commissary accounts. On the off chance that you might want to add cash to a prisoner’s record, you can do as such in the accompanying three ways:

Make an immediate deposit using cash or a card at a kiosk. Kiosks are situated in the Hendricks County Jail’s entryway and visitation focus anteroom.

Use TouchPay service to make a deposit. You can make a deposit on the web, or you can call 866-232-1899.

Send a cash request to the Hendricks County Jail. You can just use western association or U.S. Postal cash orders. When sending cash orders to the jail, the envelope must be checked Prisoner bookkeeping. You can’t place any extra contents in the envelope.

It is essential to remember all regulations, procedures, and rules should be used These are set up to keep detainees, staff, visitors, along with the network safe.


On the off chance that you can’t rescue a prisoner, or they are serving their time in the Hendricks County Jail, staying in contact with them is one approach to support them through their recovery. Here are the ways you can stay in contact with a prisoner:

Chat on the telephone: Every housing unit comes equipped with a payphone where detainees can use to phone home to their calls to friends and relatives. There are also phones that can be used without cost if inmates need to converse with legitimate personnel.

Visit a detainee: To visit a prisoner at the Hendricks County Jail, you must be on the affirmed visitor list. You should register online at SecurusTech to schedule a visit. Remember the accompanying when scheduling a visit:

  • You are just permitted 1 visit for each week.
  • All visits are by arrangement as it were.
  • You must schedule a visit 24 hours ahead of time.
  • Remote visitation (visit at home through web) is accessible for an expense.